Many a lockdown walk has been brightened by a piece of modern art. Readers pick their favourites, from seafronts and forests to more urban settings

Conversation Piece – 22 bronze statues on Littlehaven beach in South Shields – is by Juan Muñoz and peers out over the sand dunes towards Herd Groyne lighthouse, the point where the River Tyne spills into the North Sea. The statues are known locally as weebles. These lifesize figures laugh, whisper, chatter, point or just stare out to sea. Some huddle in groups; others are alone. Yet, despite their quarter-tonne roly-poly bodies, they are all frozen in time and space. Cyclists or walkers on the coastal path stop when they see them, hug them for a selfie, skip round them, wonder about them. What are they talking about?

Fiona MacLean

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Source: Gaurdian

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