It seemed perfect to me 50 years ago and now it’s even better, with delicious deli picnics and fine craft beers to wash the sand away

We stopped by the roadside and Dad pumped up his Primus stove to make tea as usual, with tea leaves of course. Teabags were still a novelty in those days. Then, into the layby drove a van hand-painted with flowers. It was 1969 and we were on our way to Tenby; the same summer hippies were heading to see Bob Dylan and the Who at the Isle of Wight festival.

Our car was definitely blue, but was it the Morris Minor or a Ford Cortina? I can’t be sure. Either way, I was a small boy giddy with excitement about going on a summer holiday to the beach. Tenby, I was promised, had a sandy beach, a castle on an island and plenty of caves.

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