With a few days of spectacular diving near Lagos fresh in the memory, Kevin Rushby had to tackle the last few hurdles of Covid paperwork to return home

Part One. The End. I’m standing at the head of the check-in queue for my easyJet flight back to the UK from Portugal. I’ve just been told that I have not got the correct documents. The receptionist does not know, but I am diving down a warren of holes, very dark holes of memory, all containing a predator in uniform, shouting at me: “Your papers are not in order!” Some of them are drunk, aggressive and heavily armed. Not the easyJet lady; she’s friendly, sober and, I strongly suspect, unarmed.

I thought I had jumped every hurdle: I had filled out an online UK government travel declaration (unnecessary), I had taken a Covid-PCR test before I travelled and then two more while in the Algarve (one more than necessary, as it turns out). Now I have a nerve-shredding race to tap my way through several online UK government forms before the check-in closes.

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