The Foreign Office’s updated advice warns against all but essential travel until further notice. One reader asks how that will affect their holiday in July

“We have a six-week holiday to North America starting on 4 July, all independently booked”, says Steven, 52, from Bromsgrove. “We are flying to Canada and then doing a three-week drive, by car, across the US and then picking up a motorhome in Canada for final three weeks. The flights have been fully paid and are non-refundable. The car hire and US hotels are all fully refundable, except one, but the motorhome is not.

We are due to pay the balance of motorhome, booked through Authentik Canada, by June. . All payments made so far have been on a credit card. I have full travel insurance, which also covers travel disruption. Now that government travel advice has changed are companies obliged to offer a refund? Or will we be able to claim on our insurance now?

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Source: Gaurdian

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