Scrambling up and jumping off Pembrokeshire’s wild coastline is an exhilarating activity for kids – but will mum also take the plunge?

‘I’ll go first,” says my eight-year-old son, the youngest of our small group, manoeuvring himself past adults and bigger children on to a slab of overhanging rock, five metres above the churning sea. He looks over the edge, starts to wobble a little, then clenches a fist and jumps. He shoots up seconds later, all smiles, his helmet-clad head bobbing just above the surface, as he moves towards the guide waiting for him in the water.

His 10-year-old brother has no choice but to follow suit, as does the rest of our party, until it gets to the child before me, who is wavering. “You don’t have to jump if you’re not sure. You’re here to have fun,” says our guide, Tom Heaton. The child opts for a slightly lower jump, and it’s all the excuse I need to join him, despite knowing I’ll get a huge amount of grief from my sons once I’m in the water.

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Source: Gaurdian

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