Away from its roundabouts and 1970s shopping centre, the new town’s pagan sun temple is the place to witness the longest day

Shortly before dawn on the summer solstice, I sleepily vacate my room in a south of England motel and head off to meet author and friend John Higgs. Together we drive a few miles to a pagan sun temple to witness the sunrise. Stonehenge is, of course, where druids and free spirits flock at this time of year (even if only virtually in 2020). We, however, are heading to Milton Keynes.

I first came across some surprising facts about Milton Keynes through Higgs’s book Watling Street. It was built under a fog of marijuana smoke and Pink Floyd records,” he says, as we park and begin walking to the most elevated point in the town, Campbell Park, which is topped by a six-metre-high pyramid sculpture.

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Source: Gaurdian

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