From lively pools to secluded creeks, Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon turn from the ocean to inland oases

In a city that is so wildly addicted to the ocean, a lot can be said for looking in the opposite direction. Where the unpredictable rawness of the ocean amplifies feelings, the steadiness of freshwater encourages a more patient and soothing state of mind. Both are important, yet we often align ourselves with only one.

The region can be broken into two areas – Sydney basin and the Blue Mountains. Sydney basin, or greater western Sydney, is home to about half of the city’s population and the majority of its cultural diversity. More than anywhere else, swimming is the perfect access point to the community.

The Blue Mountains are closer to the city than most people realise, and yet are completely removed from the urban way of life. There are 1.03m hectares of unique and ancient wilderness within an hour of Sydney’s CBD. Water carves the sandstone tablelands to form deep gorges, slot canyons and waterfalls. We’ve selected our favourite places to represent the variety of landscapes and experiences that are possible here. All wild swimming locations carry risks, so always be mindful of changing conditions, submerged objects and slippery rocks, and check for warnings before you set out.

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Source: Gaurdian

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