This passionate but shy dancer takes her moves to the next level at Lindy Shock ‘university’, where the teaching’s so good and the joy so infectious she dances with strangers

Ever since a 1998 Gap ad sparked a crazed revival for the lindy hop, the dance that evolved with jazz music in the Harlem ballrooms in the 1930s and 40s, swing dancers from Seoul to Sweden have gathered to learn flashy new moves and lose themselves in that swinging beat. For those, like me, who’ve caught the bug, it’s addictive – a thrilling cocktail of fast feet, pulse-raising music and in-the-moment abandon.

A quick search on Google will reveal that anyone wanting to learn to dance (or improve their performance) on holiday is spoiled for choice. From salsa holidays in Spain to ballroom dancing in the Lake District, there’s something for all styles and levels of experience – and it’s a great way of seeing somewhere new, making friends and pushing your body a little harder than you would at home. Over the past few years, I’ve swapped my weekly lindy hop classes in London for more challenging workshops abroad.

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