A new long-distance trail links ley lines, neolithic stones aligned for today’s summer solstice, churches and delectable views to the Black Mountain

What makes a great long distance walk? The UK has more than 1,600 with more popping up every year. Some are geographically obvious: ridge lines and riverside rambles that jump off the map. But what about the rest? Which will succeed and become hiking stalwarts like the Pennine Way or Coast-to-Coast? Herefordshire’s latest candidate is the 45-mile Twin Valley Ley Line Trail.

On 30 June 1921, 100 years ago, antiquarian Alfred Watkins, a born and bred Herefordian, took a walk through the Herefordhsire hills and decided he could detect straight lines connecting ancient sites and spiritual landmarks across the countryside. He dubbed them ley lines – routes crisscrossing the landscape that our ancestors might have followed. The archaeological community was not entirely persuaded, but half a century later the counterculture movement picked up the idea. Before long, ley lines were being interpreted as anything from neolithic trade routes to UFO navigational aids.

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Source: Gaurdian

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