A Ramblers and MoD initiative allows UK walkers to safely access areas rich in wildlife and scenery. Here are six, starting with one near Edinburgh

A path through the woods passes a monument to CTR Wilson, a Nobel prize-winning physicist, and meteorologist, born in the nearby village of Glencorse. Wilson invented the cloud chamber and, as I take the gorse-lined trail that heads towards the cloud-cloaked summit of Castlelaw Hill, I can’t help feeling envious of the surroundings in which he grew up.

The Pentland Hills, south-west of Edinburgh, are swathed in a muted wash of autumnal heather and afford a view over the steely L-shaped waters of Glencorse reservoir. So far, so gently rugged and tranquil, but there’s a sign ahead that warns of impending dangers: “Military Range Keep Out When Red Flags Flying; Warning Troops Training; Danger. Do not touch any Military debris – it may explode or harm you.”

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Source: Gaurdian

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