On Saturday, Spaniards took to streets and beaches as they were finally allowed out to exercise, after quarantine. On the Costa del Sol, Lola Culsán joined them

Coronavirus has hit Spain hard and its residents have endured the strictest lockdown of any country in Europe. Outside activity was banned, unless it was for going to work or visiting the local supermarket for essentials (only one member of the household at a time). The Guardia Civil rigorously enforced the law: roadblocks stopped cars, IDs, till receipts and distances travelled all checked. Illicit visitors to my local beach were reprimanded and heavily fined. Along the promenade in the village of San Luis de Sabinillas, on the Costa del Sol, the outdoor gyms, petanca courts and children’s playgrounds have lain empty, cordoned off by police tape.

Throughout the winter, I cooled my menopausal flushes in the Mediterranean. Recently I’ve dreamed of clandestine nocturnal dips, but the threat of a €500 fine has chilled my ardour. I made do with workout videos and online parchís (Spanish ludo) with my mum.

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