In days when a dread sickness stalks the land, an enchantress shares woodland tales to help keep the darkness at bay

It’s a sunny late-autumn morning in woodlands on the outskirts of Lewes, East Sussex, and I’m sitting under a beech tree having a story told to me. For an adult, this may seem like a slightly odd thing to be doing, but I’m on a storytelling walk with nature guide and tale-weaver Nana Tomova, and her mesmerising voice is transporting me to some faraway places.

We have wandered through forest to this spot, with Nana sharing her knowledge of mushrooms and trees. The surroundings add to the fairytale vibe: squirrels eye us unafraid, a robin perches on a log next to me – and even hops on to my boot for a moment.

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Source: Gaurdian

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