As holiday lets reopen in England, our writer reports from one north Devon resort where there’s an air of celebration among tourists and staff

One night in January, I was at a low ebb in a period of particularly low ebbs, when a friend messaged to say she’d booked a caravan in Croyde for the last week of the Easter school holidays. She and her husband had crunched the data on vaccine distribution and the likely effects of lockdown on hospital admissions, and felt it was worth taking a chance.

I was less optimistic, but Parkdean Resorts, which operates Ruda Holiday Park in north Devon, has a Covid policy that meant we could shift the trip to another time of year if things hadn’t opened up by then – though you do have to pay the difference in price for your stay. I transferred the deposit for our family of four, thinking October half-term seemed more realistic.

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Source: Gaurdian

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