With views on both sides, ridges make for exhilarating, occasionally scary, treks. We get safety tips from an expert before tackling the Mosedale Horseshoe in the Lakes
Plus: Six more hikes to try

I meet Richard Warren from Wasdale Mountain Rescue at the most appropriate place, a pub adorned with photographs of people in farcically inadequate clothing, carrying outdated equipment while they tackle monstrously dangerous crags not far from where we sit.

The only feeble excuse these poor folk can offer is that they lived between the birth of mountain photography (around the 1870s) and the formation of mountain rescue teams (around 1928), in an age when a woman’s best friend on a mountain was a full-length tweed skirt and emergency rations meant a twist of rough shag for your pipe. The Wasdale Head Inn is set far up the loneliest dale under the grandest mountains in England, and its wall, you understand, is a photographic testament to the early days of learning how to survive out there.

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Source: Gaurdian

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