Tell us about experiences of European rail journeys using the now 50-year-old Interrail pass. The best tip wins £200 towards a Sawday’s stay

Interrail turned 50 this year – so it’s a perfect time to share reminiscences about European train trips you’ve made using the pass. Tell us about your best and worst experiences – you may have shared a compartment with a particularly “interesting” group of people, started a relationship, met friends for life, had extraordinary “it’s a small world” moments, or ended up in the wrong station or even country. You may just want to share details of some amazing scenery and sights you’ve witnessed.

As the climate crisis compels more of us to use rail rather than flights, it’s likely that Interrail will only gain in popularity so please tip any great route hacks you’ve discovered or brilliant accommodation and places to hang out in while you were between trains. It doesn’t matter whether your tip is about an experience last week or one 50 years ago.

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Source: Gaurdian

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