Ghosts, myths, storms or just massive egos … share a tip on eccentric villages around the UK for the chance to win £200 towards a Canopy & Stars stay

Tyneham is a ghost village in Dorset. In 1943, it had a population of 225 people, then the War Office requisitioned it and the surrounding land to use as a firing range. One departing person left a note on the church door: “Please treat the church and houses with care; we have given up our homes where many of us lived for generations to help win the war to keep men free. We shall return one day and thank you for treating the village kindly.” They never did return.

Twenty miles up the road is Milton Abbas, a monument to one man’s gargantuan ego – Joseph Damer, Lord Milton, built a model village on his country estate in the late 18th century to impress his wealthy visitors, but only after he had laid waste to a neighbouring blot on the landscape called Middleton.

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Source: Gaurdian

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