This London chef and author is missing proper streetside falafel dripping with hot sauce and tahini – but they can be recreated at home

If there is one thing I learned after a year away from my home country it is that I am, in fact, an Israeli cliche. What I miss most – family, friends and winter sunshine not withstanding – is a proper streetside falafel. There are a lot of good things to eat in Israel; the produce is amazing: tomatoes taste good all year round, cucumbers are sweet and crunchy. There are lots of traditional and modern bakeries and, now more than ever before, there are great restaurants with local and international cuisine. But for me, it is still the local falafel stall that is my first port of call, for a portion (mana – a whole pitta) or a half (hetzi mana).

This delicacy needs to be eaten in the street, in the sun, in a pitta stuffed to the brink of explosion

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Source: Gaurdian

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