At Campwell, a woodland site near Bath, lock your mobile away for an escape of lake swimming, woodworking and outdoor cooking

I was lying in bed staring up at the clouds scudding across the sky. It was morning, and probably time to get up, but watching the kaleidoscope of blue and white through a little window in the roof was strangely compelling. And, anyhow, I didn’t have anywhere to be or anything to do. Which was why I had come to Campwell, a woodland camp around six miles north-east of Bath, where the philosophy is to “discover your calm” in a wild setting.

The sense that Campwell is a special place was palpable even before we arrived – roads narrowed and trees encroached until we came to a wooden sign and turned onto an unpaved track, bumping along until it petered out altogether. We parked the car and carried our stuff along an uneven footpath deeper into the woods. I was with my 10-year-old son, who started hopping about with excitement as soon as he spotted the outdoor kitchen. Within seconds of clocking the wood-fired rocket stoves, he had the sausages out of the coolbox and was grabbing handfuls of kindling.

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Source: Gaurdian

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