Come on in … the big blue is lovely in these immersive videos and live streams – from diving on the Great Barrier Reef to swimming with sharks off Mexico

Exploring the world’s best-known coral environment, on the east coast of Australia, David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef is an interactive journey around this “beautiful but threatened world”. It delves in detail into some of the 1,500 fish species and 600 coral types that live on the 133,000-square-mile reef, to tell the story of one of Earth’s most biodiverse ecosystems and the damage done to it by climate change – through interactive timelapses, videos, weather maps and even a “mantis shrimp vision” tool. As part of the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral, which investigates coral bleaching around the world, the Ocean Agency has created a series of 360 degree images on Google Earth (click through the tabs bottom left to fly between locations). Also try AirPano,which offers a glimpse of a multicoloured reef near Komodo Island in Indonesia via an interactive photo.

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Source: Gaurdian

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