The Tale, an immersive arts trail across Torbay this September, aims to offer a new perspective on the area. Its creator, author Philip Hoare, gives us a preview

‘The bay is like a proscenium theatre – it’s dramatic, it’s magical, there’s a sense of moving through a narrative as you follow the coast, through geographical, cultural and social history. But the thing we come for, the thing that’s all around us, is the thing we don’t notice – the sea, a truly wild thing.”

I’m on a boat with author Philip Hoare (and a hundred other punters) crossing Torbay. You might think his words for the oft-satirised resort hyperbolic. But I live nearby – shamefully, it’s the first time I’ve crossed the bay on a boat – and I have to admit that from the sea, the palm-fronded curves, clay-coloured cliffs and undulating coastal hills do look very beautiful. If I squint a bit and ignore the bruise-coloured clouds rolling in from Dartmoor, I could be in Saint-Tropez or the Caribbean.

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Source: Gaurdian

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