Self-catering accommodation and campsites in England are set to reopen on 4 July, but will this be the summer we ‘rediscover’ our countryside or one remembered for ‘Go Home’ signs?

On 4 July caravan and campsites and self-catering accommodation are expected to reopen in England, an announcement that has brought sighs of relief from many, and a shudder of fear to some. This may be a welcome chance for many to get away, and for some businesses to finally salvage their summer season, but a significant movement of people could unleash a hostile reception in traditional holiday areas or, worse, a localised outbreak of Covid-19.

After more than three months of restrictions, and the best spring weather on record, a stampede may seem inevitable, but will campsite owners want to risk local ire, or even be able to adapt? This could be the summer when the British rediscover the holiday potential of their own country, or the one remembered for “GO HOME” signs and overloaded local hospitals. For those in search of a summer holiday, the question is how best to negotiate this tricky situation? 

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Source: Gaurdian

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