Forget the little England in the sun stereotype – chef Rachel Stockley loves Gibraltar’s warm embrace and melting pot of tastes. And now it’s on the green list she’ll be going back soon

My best friend is Gibraltarian and I’ve been going to visit her a couple of times a year for about 15 years, first as a student staying in a hostel and more recently in nice hotels with my wife. I love everything about it. What I see is not the stereotype of little England in the sun. Yes, there are sports bars and you’re never more than 10 feet away from a roast dinner on a Sunday. And OK, there’s an M&S on Main Street, red postboxes and policemen wearing bobby hats.

But there’s also a very deep and diverse culture, and very little prejudice. As well as an Anglican and a Catholic cathedral, and churches of all denominations, there are four synagogues, two mosques and a Hindu temple. The fantastic Ibrahim al Ibrahim Mosque, by the lighthouse at Europa Point, looks straight across the Strait of Gibraltar to the Rif mountains in Morocco. And the people are genuinely welcoming to visitors – there is such a friendly atmosphere. Being in Gib is like having a big hug!

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