Black Star (chestnut and chocolate) and White Duke (almond and peach) are among the flavours created by a gelato artisan and David Bowie superfan in Berlin

Named after David Bowie’s final masterpiece, Black Star gelato combines chestnut ice-cream with dark chocolate ganache and a finish of cream flavoured with the smoke of a Cuban cigar. It is the creation of young Italian chef – and Bowie superfan – Angelika Kaswalder, and sold in her ice-cream parlour Cuore di Vetro on Max-Beer-Strasse in Berlin’s Mitte district. A scoop costs €1.60, a small price for conceptual art in a cone.

Kaswalder considers herself an artisan. Her gelato range is made fresh each day depending on what fruit and other ingredients are in season. She can be seen at work through the glass wall of the kitchen, or “laboratory” as she calls it. Co-owner Guido Dorigo, who has the finest goth hairdo this side of 1985, is out front on scooping duty.

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Source: Gaurdian

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