For this chef and writer classic Ibiza isn’t dance music and DJs but sofrit pagès, an aromatic dish savoured on special occasions

Even after 13 years, I still find it strange to say I live in Ibiza. I have little interest in the clubs for which the island is renowned, so I instead embarked on a culinary exploration – a search that revealed a rich culture stemming from a long history of farming and fishing.

While many memorable meals here have involved fish, the dish that resonates with me most is meat-based, and one I imagine few visitors have sampled. Sofrit pagès is a tasty stew typically made with lamb and chicken, potatoes and two varieties of sausage. Sobrasada is cured in the manner of chorizo, though with a looser texture, and butifarra is a type of blood sausage akin to black pudding. These are usually made during the matanza, the traditional pig slaughter practised in late autumn by generations of farming families as a means of providing a year-round supply of food.

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Source: Gaurdian

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