We can all dream, at least. From a tiny Italian island to Slovenia’s wine country, writers around Europe on the places they can’t wait to revisit after the lockdown

As fate would have it, I arrived back in my tiny Venice apartment on 8 March, the day the city was locked down. Since then, restrictions have become increasingly – and rightly – more stringent, so today I can only go 200 metres outside, apart from a trip to the shops. Luckily I have a great view over the city from my rooftop terrace. From there, I can sit and dream of places I’ll revisit when I have the chance. Top of the list is the tiny island of Ponza, 20 miles off the west coast between Rome and Naples in the turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea. Getting there is no easy task, but with minimum carbon footprint, I enjoyed a memorable journey: a scenic train ride across Italy from my home in Venice down to Formia, boarding an antiquated ferry, then slowly chugging into Ponza’s harbour, a mass of bobbing boats surrounded by rising tiers of pastel-coloured houses, as the setting sun lit up the sky in a blaze of colours.

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