Check in at The Dixon near Tower Bridge … where staff are doing all they can to provide a bit of pampering while social distancing and keeping guests safe

‘I’m afraid I can’t take your bags,” says the manager of The Dixon, a boutique hotel just south of Tower Bridge. He greets me in the lobby on reopening day (Saturday 4 July) after the pandemic forced the hotel to close for four months. A smile beams from behind the clear plastic visor that covers his face. “We have a new procedure, you see.”

That procedure goes like this: when guests arrive they are directed to a non-contact temperature scanner and hand-sanitiser station. If a guest’s temperature is below 38C, they can proceed to reception where a masked clerk checks them in from behind a plastic screen. There, guests are offered a face covering and talked through the changes. Namely, that the gym is closed; there is no breakfast buffet (guests need to preorder); that social distancing must be maintained; and that should you need help with your luggage, you are to leave it with staff, who’ll sanitise it using a fogger machine before dropping it to your room.

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Source: Gaurdian

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