The UK government’s new rules have left holidaymakers confused. Where can we still go? And what happens if we want to cancel? We answer some questions

On Monday, the UK government introduced a new three-tier system of local Covid alert levels in England. This means different areas have different restrictions. The new English levels are medium (tier 1), high (tier 2), and very high (tier 3). Tier 1 carries on with the rules that came in on 25 September, including the Rule of Six and 10pm closing for pubs and restaurants. Tier 2, soon to include nearly half the population of England, bans indoor mixing between households. Tier 3 (currently the Liverpool region and parts of Lancashire) closes any pubs that don’t serve “substantial” meals and advises people not to travel out of or outsiders to stay in the area.

Meanwhile, Wales is banning visitors from Covid hotspots (that’s anyone living in tier 2 or 3) from Friday evening, while Scotland advises against travelling into or out of high-risk areas. Under Northern Ireland’s new rules, most hotels are shut and “no unnecessary travel should be undertaken”.

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