Cruising Devon’s beautiful beaches and campsites in a classic 1967 VW van makes our writer feel like a celebrity
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‘Ooh,” came a voice from a passing car as I parked by a sandy cove. “That’s a beauty!” He was referring to Noddy Windsor, our lime-green 1967 VW campervan, which caused a sensation everywhere it went in north Devon. After a day at the beach, we would come back to find crowds oohing and aahing. Strangers at petrol stations approached for a chat. And at Ilfracombe Harbour, after a swim in the rain, a man took selfies as we sat inside warming up and getting a brew on.

In the anxious new world of distancing and avoidance, it was a thrill to elicit such warmth and friendliness. Thanks to Noddy, we did more waving than the royals.

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Source: Gaurdian

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