Today’s Ligurian hotspots are the Cinque Terre and swanky Portofino. But head west of Genoa for now-quiet resorts such as Alassio where, a century ago, Brits went to see and be seen

As the plane circled over the Ligurian coast towards Genoa, my fellow passengers were getting excited. They all seemed to be heading east – to glamorous Portofino, or the Cinque Terre for hiking. But I was going west, along a road that was practically built by the British but has been curiously forgotten by them.

The 19th-century British habit of wintering on the Mediterranean changed the fortunes of many seaside villages, and Alassio was no exception. But this small seafront resort between Savona and Imperia seems to have slipped off the British radar. Even my Italophile friends hadn’t heard of it.

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Source: Gaurdian

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