Shiva Hotels aims to raise awareness of sexual and labour exploitation among both staff and guests to mark World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

A hotel group has become the first in the UK to launch an anti-slavery programme across its hotels. Aimed at raising awareness among both guests and staff of human trafficking, the project, by Shiva Hotels, will include a training programme for 400 employees and displaying statements in lobbies and on in-room TVs.

The full extent of modern slavery in the UK hospitality industry is not known but Professor Alex Paraskevas of the University of West London, who led a two-year study into the problem called Combat, said it is estimated that there are 115,000 human trafficking victims in the hospitality sector in Europe of whom 93,500 are sexually exploited and nearly 7,000 are labour exploitation victims working in hotels. In the UK the total number of people in slavery is estimated at 11,700 but there are no official figures for individual sectors.

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Source: Gaurdian

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