Travelling alone gave me a sense of myself and my place in the world. After centuries of constraint, black women’s journeys have the power to dispel myths and give back

Solo travel can be freeing and restorative, a chance to hit the restart button or a break to bring you back in touch with yourself. You may return home with not just a deeper understanding of a place and its people but of who you are – and I know from experience how valuable that is.

At 21, I left London to roam the world alone for more than a year. I had recently lost my father and a large part of my identity, and travel was the medium with which I chose to repair myself. I swayed to samba in Rio de Janeiro, ate mouth-watering street food in Vietnam and Mexico, wandered around ancient metropolises in Morocco and lost days and a few nights in fleeting romantic encounters, divided by language but united by desire.

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