British holidaymakers lead the world when it comes to false compensation claims – and now travel companies are fighting back. What has caused these nasty ‘gastroenteritis wars’ being fought across the Mediterranean?

In October 2013, Sean and Caroline Bondarenko spent a week at the five-star Caldera Palace hotel in Crete. Then they returned home. Three years passed. According to reports, in September 2016, the pair then put in a personal injury claim against the hotel for food poisoning. They had allegedly been so desperately ill that they were asking for £10,000 in damages.

The couple were reported as saying they would never have made their claim if a claims management company hadn’t encouraged them to do so. After all, they had only been ill for one day. And only a bit. If the case had been anything like the vast bulk of gastric illness claims, the hotel wouldn’t have contested it at all: the couple would have got a cheque to cover their next couple of holidays.

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Source: Gaurdian

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